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First Source Technology's engineering function in Hong Kong, close to the manufacturing centre of Shenzhen, enables us to offer a wide range of display products, including semi-custom and full custom displays, touchscreens and controller boards.


We supply character and graphics displays using various technologies, including TFT, STN, FSTN, OLED and EPD.

Through long-established contacts we are also able to reliably source displays from all leading manufacturers.

Recent projects have included

  • a 16x2 green STN to replace the customer's obsolete custom display

  • a 2.1" Active Matrix Electrophoretic Display (AM EPD), the ultra low power consumption and wide viewing angle suiting our customer's application

  • 10.4" and 15" industrial TFT panels for ruggedised applications

LCD Display Supplier

Character and graphic TN and OLED Displays

We supply custom and semi-custom character displays in STN, FSTN and OLED technologies, offering Chip-on-Glass (COG) and Chip-on-Board (COB) solutions with backlight options including LED (coloured, white or RGB) and CCFL.

Electronic Paper Displays (EPD) with their low power consumption and easy readability are also available.

We can offer TFT LCD panels and modules  from 1.5" upwards in various aspect ratios using TN and IPS technologies.


Depending on the project application we offer semi-custom or full custom displays using glass from major manufacturers, and a choice of TTL or LVDS interface.

We also supply controller boards handling USB, Ethernet, RGB, DVI, HDMI and Display Port (DP) functions to offer a complete solution.

TFT LCD displays and modules

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